Lords of the Ring
Boxing ascends in pop culture once again
Media, Style / 27 Sep 2011
Boxing has long been a point of fascination in literary circles, as demonstrated by classic and contemporary movies, television, and writings that capture the subject. Though not an entirely new phenomenon, boxing fervor is on the upswing at the moment, as new film projects, TV series, and even fashion lines are finding inspiration in The Sweet Science.
On Freddie Roach
This winter, HBO will offer boxing fans an intimate look at the inner-workings of the sport. A six-episode docuseries featuring celebrated trainer Freddie Roach is set to premiere in early 2012. The show, directed by Peter Berg of Friday Night Lights, will be filmed in the cinéma vérité style (so it should be a notch classier than reality TV), and will follow Roach in his daily life as owner and operator of Hollywood’s famous Wildcard Boxing Club. Meanwhile, HBO has commissioned a pilot for another boxing-themed program: Spike Lee is set to direct Da Brick, a biopic series based on the early career of notorious fighter Mike Tyson.
Cerdan Vintage Sportswear: Inspired by the recovered sketches of eminent French boxer Marcel Cerdan, this sportswear line was resurrected by Cerdan’s grandson Nicolas and recently made available online. The line features the signature ’40s and ’50s aesthetic that defined iconic boxing style: think flat caps and wool beanies, raglan styling, and oversized emblems stitched onto warm-ups. And Cerdan’s heir isn’t the only one experimenting with this vintage look. Canadian menswear brand Wings + Horns recently collaborated with the Ace Hotel NYC and Japanese retailer BEAMS to create a collection of fashion sweats inspired by the styles worn in NYC’s boxing gyms of the 1950s.
This Sundance Selection in World Cinema Documentary chronicles the real-life, decades-long feud between two families in Ireland—a feud that comes to frequent, literal blows in bare-knuckle boxing matches. First-time director Ian Palmer trailed the rival families, the Joyces and the Quinns, for 12 years, shooting footage of a string of fights and capturing familial history as it unfolded in the process. The film has garnered mixed reviews, but it has been optioned by the (apparently boxing-obsessed) HBO network, for a TV series remake from the producers of Eastbound & Down. For a glimpse into the family drama and corresponding bloodshed, watch the trailer here.
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